Allied Health

Allied Health

Individual Care and Service plans are carefully devised taking into account medical diagnosis, personal preferences and the wishes of our residents. All plans are reviewed on a regular basis and enable our care staff to provide the appropriate care and services.

Our residents have a choice of their own Doctor and onsite access to all Allied Health Professionals including dental, physiotherapy, podiatry and optometry.

Residents may continue to visit their own private dentist or a local dentist may be available on request.

Our Physiotherapists assess our residents needs and will develop individual programs which are reviewed regularly to ensure requirements are met.

Optometrist visits can be arranged for our residents to assess vision and prescribe spectacles if required and any appointments to see private Ophthalmologists can be arranged with our Care Staff.

Our Podiatrist visits regularly to provide specialist care for those who require this service.

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Integrated Health team

We work with residents and families alongside your chosen Allied Health professionals, so you can be assured that a variety of best practice options are in place to support your specific needs. Maintaining health and wellbeing in accordance with the residents’ needs, goals and preferences is a critical part of ageing well.

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