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Indian Dance #8

Celebrating our staff’s cultural diversity during food week with an Indian Dance and traditional feast

Residents and Staff enjoyed learning some Indian dance moves, and then followed with an Indian Feast during Food Week

Mexican Cantina Day #31

Celebrating food from around the world at Macleay Valley House during Food Week this year

Macleay Valley House transformed into one big FIESTA during food week this year!

Lamb Cutlet Day

Celebrating diversity of cultures at Macleay Valley House “Lamb Cutlet Day”

Macleay Valley House residents loved Food Week with a tasty lamb cutlet

Fruit & Veg Bingo #4

Have you ever played FOOD BINGO…well Macleay Valley House residents have.

Residents at Macleay Valley House loved Bingo with a twist during Food Week this year!

#8 Kitchen Tour

Residents loved the Kitchen Tour during food week

Residents were amazed at how it all comes together in the huge kitchen they toured during Food Week this year…

Residents Involved Mona Vale

The Great MONA VALE HOUSE “Bake Off” during Food Week…

Residents enjoyed the Great Mona Vale House Bake Off during food week this year.

Food Week Mona Vale

Food Week at Mona Vale House was a fun week with residents involved in making some tastey treats

Food Week at Mona Vale House was celebrated with some good old fashioned baking

Retro Ice Creamery Abbey

Retro Ice creams were a fun way to celebrate Food Week this year at Abbey House

The RetorIce Cream parlour was very popular at Abbey House during food week this year

Abbey House July 12, 2019
Ready Steady Cook Abbey

Food Week at Abbey House where residents did a little cooking and tasting!

Food Week this year at Abbey House was filled with fun and entertainment w Head Chef Bela…

Abbey House July 12, 2019
Costumes Of The World #2

Celebrating Cultural Diversity during FOOD WEEK at Macleay Valley Village

Mexican, Indian and Chinese Foods were at feature of Food Week at Macleay Valley House